Life Exhibition: 11-15th February 2019

Life Exhibition has, with several technical upgrades, been open to schools since 2006 and visited by over 100,000 pupils. It is well tried and tested, trusted and enjoyed by thousands. It is very popular, and has been developed with the help of education specialists to encourage children to question, to challenge and form their own opinions on the story of Jesus.

Allington Baptist Church is hosting the Life Exhibition in our main hall in February and is aimed at Primary Schools.

The LIFE Exhibition is an educational experience with active learning opportunities, matched to the Non-Statutory Guidelines for Religious Education in England and Wales, and meeting the requirements for locally Agreed Syllabi. Using tablets, with text, graphics, DVD and sound, the exhibition is a ‘hands on’ interactive learning experience. LIFE tells of the life of Jesus, his Jewish roots, his teaching and miracles, and his death, burial and resurrection.

For further information contact Thomas Langston on ABC Youth <>

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